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HaLo - Galore

"Galore"- HaLo (MansaMusa)

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    Awwwwwwwwww :-) 😍😍😍



Off of Kooley’s Debut Project The Summers Sessions EP

Source: SoundCloud / KooleyHigh

"Lit" - Bas featuring J. Cole and KQuick (6/17/13)


Nas - An Introduction (Best Of) [Sampler]



For ages I’ve had heads asking me to create a Best Of introduction-style compilation for Nas. As big of a name as Nas is, and as legendary as albums like Illmatic are, there are still many heads who are not very familiar with his catalog, especially young heads.


Source: real-hiphophead

Skyzoo and Torae - Blue Yankee Fitted
Barrel Brothers LP on May 27th

Source: SoundCloud / Skyzoo & Torae

Vintage coming out in June 2014

Source: SoundCloud / Official SlumVillage

"I got euros…plural" #cultureovereverything #9thwonder #rapsody

"I got euros…plural" #cultureovereverything #9thwonder #rapsody

@daleymusic  (at Highline Ballroom)

@daleymusic (at Highline Ballroom)